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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Learn The Lingo:

The text message language started with character limit for a text message, but now the use of abbreviations is quite common for convenience in swift response. You might know that LOL means "laughing Out Loud", but do you know what DUSL or PIR means?
A parent might not know if the message was innocent or had more deviant intentions unless familiar with the language. Abbreviations can also be part of a private way to communicate amongst friends, without raising parents concern. If you know that DUSL means ( Do you Scream Loud ), or that PIR means ( Parents in Room), you will have a better idea on what your kids are saying and doing with their friends. Language is an essential way to communicate; if you want to communicate with your children, learn their lingo.

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  1. It is like learning a new language. The secret is, letting your kids know that you are aware of what they mean. If they realize that they have parents that are smart enough to know what they are will deter them from saying it.