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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bluetooth Misuse

Bluetooth is an inexpensive and speedy way to send data and information across to others. It is a wireless technology and is the short-range wire-less standard for personal connectivity of a broad range of electronic devices. It works when two devices are "paired" or configured to recognize each other, allowing them to connect and share data.
Bluetooth acquired a bad standing, mostly because of its immoral use. Concern is shown over the use this technology for circulating obscene content and promoting immorality. Mobiles, mostly equipped with cameras, are making even private gatherings insecure; as people worry over the misuse and circulation of their photos and films.
Peer pressure and absent or minimal parental guidance attract youth towards immoral social acts. Some use Bluetooth to vent their frustration and exhibit feeling of hurt publicly. Picture are published on the internet and mobiles of people, using the Bluetooth  that may be used later for harassment and blackmail.
When two Bluetooth devices are paired, the pairing must be done in what is called "Discoverable" mode. After the pairing is completed, the devices should be switched back to the non-discoverable mode.


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