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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Credit Transfer Fraud:

This is a problem experienced by most Mobile network Operators, who provide Prepaid services. For a prepaid service credit is added to the phone by the user, before calls are made and the user then can make calls as the credit balance allows.
Credit can be added to the phone in a number of ways, for example using recharge cards purchased from a retailer, or by transferring credit to a known number. Many fraudulent people send bulk text messages, claiming they are in the hospital or under some other distress. They ask the receiver of the message to transfer a certain rupees worth of credit so that they can make the emergency call. Such messages should be ignored, and credit should only be send to those who on already knows. Also, lending your prepay phone to others who guarantee to add value back to your phone once they have used it. Since prepaid services have no record of phone calls made; one should be careful before handing over phone to strangers. Your number might be passed on to a network you don't want to associate yourself with.


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