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                                                      INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER
                                                                                                                                                       by ABRAR ALI


Q1) What is Computer?
Ans= A computer is a machine that can be programmed to accept data then process data into useful information and save(store) it for later use.

Q2) On which things of computer consists?
Ans= A computer consists of HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE.

Q3) What s the Computer Machine Called?
Ans= The machine is called hardware of computer system.

Q4) What's the Program are Called?
Ans= The Programs are called "SOFTWARE'S" of computer system.

Q5) Where's the processing are held?
Ans= Actually, the processing of input to output is directed by the software but performed by the hardware.

Q6) From where the computer word is derived?
Ans= Computer word is derived from "COMPUTE" that means to "CALCULATE".

Q7) What is Computer literate?
Ans= In simple words, the means of computer literacy that refers to the knowledge, understanding of computer and its uses. A person is "Computer literate", if he understands and gain vast knowledge about computer and its applications.