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Friday, 13 April 2012

Online Security Measures:

Guarding financial and personal information: 

Includes credit card, bank account, driver's license, PIN and NIC numbers etc. Store such information in writing away from the source to prevent easy access and unwanted disclosure.

Being ward of imposters:

Crooks pretending to be from companies one does business with, claiming they need to verify personal information. It is always wise to authenticate before responding especially if the asked for information is previously provided.

Staying safe online: 

Clues about security on Web sites should be followed, especially where asked to provide financial or other sensitive information. Despite the browser's indication to safeguard information, there is no guarantee that the company will store it securely.

Disposable email addressing:

While registering for websites, social networking and chat rooms etc. It is a good idea to share an email address that is not actively used. This aids in preserving ones identity and keeping businesses private.

Taking Facebook Safety Measures:

Face book is the most popular site for networking also where privacy could be easily invaded. A privacy setting where photographs, videos and status etc. is only accessed by 'Friends Only' is highly recommended. Also, posting personal information e.g. about going on a vacation or business trips makes one vulnerable to break-ins. The following tips can help:
  •   Creating a password using upper and lowercase letters mixed in with numbers.
  •   Leave your birth year off your profile to help prevent identity theft
  •   Use the site's privacy controls and recheck them off and on

Turning off your computer:

When working long hours on the computer it is advisable to turn off the wireless switch or the remove the internet cable to avoid any possible access to the computer through the internet. Turning off the computer will not only protect unauthorized access, but will also save energy and give the required rest to the system.
Buying a security suite: Computer come with a few security components, such as a firewall that can be turned-on on use. Additional security measures are always helpful and wise.

Being careful with downloads:

Claiming to be approved by the better business Bureau or being secure is no guarantee that the site will spyware that may compromise security.

Using wireless connections:

A wireless connection should only be used personal or financial business if it is secured and restricted to access. Special care is to be taken if the system is public or through shared computers.


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