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Friday, 13 April 2012

The Exposure at Internet Cafes:

It become unavoidable at times to use a public computer while away from home which might not include the essential security settings and firewalls for protection. Private information such as credit card information (Online shopping), bank account details( internet banking ) and personal emails should be avoided. Using a public computer just for anonymous browsing ( e.g. weather, news, updates etc.) is alright. Risks of using internet-cafe and public-computer include:
Unscrupulous owners and managers:
There is a chance that the person running the internet cafe might be involved in the internet business or the identity-theft business.

Phony 'customs' or internet-cafe patrons are there to spy: Some cyber criminals can see precisely what you are typing regardless of how fast you can type.

'Security' Cameras:
The visible security cameras are for public safety; while the invisible cameras could be recording all windows viewed and each keystroke made, together with recording all 'immoral' acts by users in the booth; to be later used for blackmailing purposes.

Corrupted computers:
Most publicly used computers are infected with malware, have viruses, worms and Trojan horses.
Being used previously by cyber criminals is also a possible.

Booby-trapped Computers:
The cafe manager could install spying devices that would record each keypad movement. Such devices are impossible to locate, without disassembling the computer.

Unsafe Wi-Fi devices:
Internet cafes often provide local Wi-Fi hot spots.
The information even if encrypted could easily be accessed by Wi-Fi spes.


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